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Put An Extra Layer Of Security In Your Pocket With This Biometric Smart Wallet

Use Biometrics and Bluetooth to Keep Your License, Cards, And More Safe

Mar 26 by Futurism Creative
Image by StackCommerce

Biometrics, using your unique physical features as identification tools, are already unlocking phones, and soon, a handprint could be all you need to pay for your order at a store. And yet, we’ll still need the identification, cards, and more we keep in our wallets. Keeping that information secure has never been more important. The Cashew Wallet uses your fingerprint and Bluetooth to keep the important data in your life safe, and right now, it does it for just $99.99, 32% off MSRP.

Wallets have some inherent security disadvantages. Namely, if you drop yours, or have it stolen, there’s no way to prevent thieves from opening it up and riffling through the contents, using what they find inside. The Cashew Wallet is built to prevent those problems, whether you’re forgetful or dealing with a thief.

It comes with a fingerprint reader, meaning only you and trusted people have access to your wallet. The reader can store up to twenty fingerprints, allowing family and friends to open it in an emergency. Plus, its electronic latch sends you an alert if it’s broken or otherwise compromised.

The constant Bluetooth connection ensures you remember your wallet by alerting you when you go too far from it. There’s also a function to ring your wallet if you misplace it, so you’ll never have to root under the couch cushions again. Finally, the Cashew Wallet app offers crowdsourced GPS, alerting fellow owners about a lost wallet, so they can keep an eye out.


All of this is paired with a rugged water-resistant and shockproof case that’s still light enough to fit in any pocket, holding seven cards and 20 bills, and a battery that lasts up to nine months on a single charge. gave the Cashew Wallet a glowing review, stating “The Cashew Smart wallet is one of the most innovative wallets on the market. With a clean, attractive design and the unique feature of being one of the only wallets with a lock, I find it hard not to recommend it if this feature is something you really desire.”

If you want to keep more of an eye on your wallet, the Cashew Wallet makes it simple, and at $99.99, 32% off, it’ll leave you with plenty of cash to put in it.

Prices subject to change.


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