Biometrics are increasingly popular for protecting public spaces and even replacing your wallet.  For your valuables, though, they may be the best defense. The TROVA Go uses biometrics to guard what you value most, while making it easy to take with you, and it's even easier to buy at 15% off for a limited time during our Pre-Black Friday sale.

Low-Profile Storage

As seen in Fast Company, the TROVA Go is designed to fit in with anybody's kit. The anodized aluminum of the case comes in charcoal to fit in with other consumer gear and not draw attention. It seals tightly to prevent odors from entering or exiting, and its low profile makes it easy to carry with your phone in hand or in a bag or jacket pocket.

Inside, it's built to keep everything in place. The top strap closes magnetically to protect rings and other jewelry, while the one underneath is sized to hold credit cards, vape pens, and other personal valuables securely.

Peace Of Mind

In terms of security, the Go connects via Bluetooth, and will only open with the proper biometrics through the Trova app, available on iOS and Android. The aluminum alloy construction makes it difficult for thieves to crack open, while handling the jostlings and dings of daily life.

As for the other reason we find ourselves without valuable items, the Go has GPS tools to ensure that it's never lost and easy to track down if it is. It also notifies you if it gets disconnected, left open, or moves far enough away from your phone that it thinks it might be in someone else's pocket or the airport lost and found. It uses USB-C to charge, as well, so even if you forget your charger, you'll have something else to power it up near to hand.

Get the TROVA Go: Discreet Biometric Storage for $169.15 (reg. $249) with code SAVE15NOV during our Pre-Black Friday Sale.

Prices subject to change. 

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