Modern technology has created a world of finance where fortunes can be made or lost in literally less than a second. It's also enabled new financial tools in cutting-edge markets that before were limited by access to information. Currency Heatwave, currently 50% off for a lifetime subscription, brings modern tech to a durable concept.

Currency Heatwave is a set of tools for analyzing foreign exchange markets, also called forex. At its most basic, forex determines the exchange rates between different currencies from day to day; if you've ever changed money on a trip overseas, you've participated in forex.

However, traders can also use the volatilities between currencies to generate profits. Say, for example, that you're holding Euros, at an exchange rate of one US dollar for every Euro. If the exchange rate goes up, so a dollar is now worth $1.10, you can trade your Euros for a 10% profit. The trick, of course, is that there are 180 active currencies in the world, and forex is highly volatile as a result, meaning if you want to take advantage of these rates, you have to move fast before they drop.

That's where Currency Heatwave comes in. It summarizes the strength of different currencies, the volume of trading in those currencies, the overall volatility of the market, and the sentiment towards currencies, one screen for each, with a handy home screen to track it all. As one user puts it, "The application provides me with all the data I need to help me take a trade and monitor my trades easily at one glance."

This allows you to make speedy and informed decisions as you trade on the forex market, taking advantage of sudden movements. Or you can use it for long-term research on currencies and how they react to economic news, diplomatic incidents, and other market feedback. Even if you don't plan to invest, it's useful for world travelers to get a sense of the overall economic situation, and how much currency to exchange.

Usually, a lifetime subscription to Currency Heatwave is $19.99, yet right now, you can get it for just $10, 50% off.

Prices subject to change.

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