In the past, raising money for a business venture meant hitting the pavement, making contacts, setting up meetings, and shaking as many hands as possible. But that’s not how things work any more. Today, technology can bring investors and entrepreneurs together without anybody having to leave their house or even make a phone call. And while some people probably still mourn the old-fashioned way of raising capital, you’re certainly not going to find many complaints from investors and entrepreneurs using high-tech business funding platforms like EquityNet.

What Is The Equity Net Business Funding Platform?

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EquityNet is a crowdfunding platform that makes connecting businesses and investors radically simple. Founded in 2005 in order to create a more efficient marketplace for business capital, the company has since been granted five different fintech patents, surpassed 200,000 members, and helped businesses raise $600 million.

What sets EquityNet apart as a business funding platform is that they don’t just put investors and entrepreneurs together in the same virtual room and hope something good happens. EquityNet goes the extra mile to make sure everyone has the cutting edge tools they need to make smart decisions.

For entrepreneurs that means helping them create effective profiles, optimize their business plan, and find the right types of investors. And for investors, that means helping them establish their investing criteria, analyze thousands of investment opportunities, and do a deep dive on specific investment opportunities.

Patented Technologies

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Whether you are an investor or an entrepreneur, everything that happens on EquityNet is driven by the latest financial technologies.

Just take a look at their patented Enterprise Analyzer™ system, one of the most advanced analytics tools available to individuals and entrepreneurs. It analyzes business plans and provides scores on valuation, risk, investment return, undercapitalization, and many other factors. EquityNet investors use this tool to screen businesses and easily identify prospective investments. EquityNet entrepreneurs use it to fine-tune their business plan before they present themselves to investors.

The best part about the Enterprise Analyzer™ system is that you don’t have to use the scores in a vacuum. EquityNet puts all the data into one of the biggest benchmarking databases in the world. This enables both investors and entrepreneurs to compare plans and projections with those of other companies, look at average valuation, risk, investment return scores in a given industry. Any abnormalities are then flagged as either moderate (yellow) or high (red).

A Commission-Free Capital Marketplace

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Of course, the question you probably want answered at this point is, how much does EquityNet cost? And the answer is, a lot less than you think.

For investors—accredited individuals, investment groups, venture capitalists, angel investors, government entities, grant agencies, non-profits, and even banks—EquityNet is completely free. All you have to do is sign up. For entrepreneurs with any type of business at any stage of development, getting started with EquityNet is free, but certain premium features require a paid subscription. However, given that companies who use EquityNet’s business planning software are 10 times more likely to obtain funding than those that don’t, the paid subscriptions are totally worth it.

If you are an investor looking for new opportunities or a business owner looking to raise capital, you really need to take a look at EquityNet. They make equity investing radically efficient, and might just make your life a whole lot easier.

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