Real estate investing is one of those things that is tightly controlled by a small number of people and companies. And if you don't have the capital or the connections to participate, it can be difficult or impossible to break in. But with peer-to-peer real estate investment platforms like PeerStreet, that's starting to change, and you can be a beneficiary of it by signing up now.

Peer-to-peer real estate investing has the potential to completely change the real estate world. Back in the old days, anyone who wanted to start a business or buy a house needed either their own capital or to deal with a bank or corporation to lend you the money. But we live in the age of crowdfunding now, and platforms like PeerStreet are connecting borrowers with private lenders in a completely new way that can benefit both parties.

PeerStreet: Peer-to-Peer Real Estate Investing


When you enter the PeerStreet marketplace, you're basically accessing a crowdfunded mortgage platform that takes the standard real estate loan and breaks it up into smaller, manageable chunks that thousands of individual investors can grab a piece of. And the entire process is being guided all along the way by cutting-edge data analytics.

Behind the scenes at PeerStreet, established private lenders from across the United States purchase real estate debt, and each participating lender is analyzed by way of advanced algorithms and data science, in order to select a pool of safe, high-qualify real estate debt investments that connect investors and borrowers in a way that was never before possible. Investors get returns of ten percent or more on their investments, while borrowers get the funding they need to buy a house or start a business that they might not be able to get otherwise.

Crowdfunding mortgage investments is only the tip of the PeerStreet iceberg. With their proprietary Automated Investing technology, you can build a whole investment portfolio without the traditional guesswork. All an investor has to do is select your own investment criteria (like interest rate or the term of the loan), and when a prospective borrower comes along, you'll be notified.

With PeerStreet, it only takes a few moments to sign up and start investing in real estate debt on a safe and lucrative basis. You can build a diverse portfolio with advanced data analytics guiding the way. In essence, all you have to provide is the money, and PeerStreet does all the work in maximizing its potential.

PeerStreet's innovative two-sided marketplace connects you to investments sourced from a nationwide network of vetted private lenders and brokers. You can browse and select from investments offering different yields, terms, and LTV ratios, across either residential or multifamily properties, all with PeerStreet's intuitive and user-friendly interface, with options that can make the investment process as hands-on or as hands-off as you want it.

If you're ready to give PeerStreet a try, you can get more information at the platform's official site now, where you can also get started investing almost immediately.

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