The timeline of our universe is filled with a number of cataclysmic events. We start with the first fiery moments of the Big Bang, glimpse the turbulent formation of primordial stars, witness the creation of black holes, quickly travel passed the birth and death of our solar system (soaring beyond the arrival of life in the process), see the galaxies shoot apart as the cosmos continues to expand, feel the cold tingle as the last stars use up the last of the fuel, and travel all the way to the final icy moments of our universe—when entropy sets in and wins the final battle.

For the most part, the timeline of our universe can be summed up in a moment and presented in a neat little package. Tracing our history and marking out our future is relatively easy. The hard part is trying to see beyond our planet and the tiny span of time it occupies. The difficult bit is stepping back to really get some perspective and see our own position in all of this.

This is where Kurzgesagt comes in. Their animation, which was published in 2013, is quite possibly the best representation of the past, present, and future of our universe. It gives you perspective like few things can....

WATCH: The History and Future of Everything

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