There's nothing like hanging out on your patio or porch when the weather is nice. But outdoor furniture is infamously difficult to maintain, since they’re constantly exposed to the elements. But Outer has come up with new, innovative, futuristic patio furniture that can hold up against rain, wind, snow, and grime, without sacrificing comfort in the process.

Outer’s patent-process memory foam cushions are comfortable enough to be in your living room. They might even be comfortable enough for your bedroom, since the memory foam is just as good as the stuff that's used in luxury mattresses. In fact, the company claims it's cushions are the most comfortable outdoor cushions available anywhere in the world.

With chairs and sofas that feel like sitting on a cloud, comfort alone is probably enough of an asset to make it worth upgrading to Outer. But with its signature OuterShell, this furniture can stay protected no matter what the outdoor elements throw at it. Every Outer piece can be enclosed in its own easy-to-use OuterShell that acts as an impenetrable barrier against the elements whenever the furniture isn’t being used.

Even without the OuterShell, Outer furniture is built to last, and each cushion is covered in “life-proof fabric,” making it significantly more durable than typical patio furniture. Those cushions rest on sturdy, all-weather wicker and stainless steel, all of which is built to hold up to whatever it encounters -- including two of the most destructive forces on the planet: pets and children.

Outer: The Future of Patio Furniture, Today


Outer’s selection of sofas and sectionals can be configured in any number of formations. Four-piece, five-piece, six-piece, seven-piece, and eight-piece sets are available. So no matter what your porch and patio needs, you can probably find it at the Outer online store.

And I haven’t even mentioned the rugs, yet. Outdoor rugs from Outer will fit on any outdoor deck or patio. The "1188" Outdoor Rug Collection gets its name from the number of recycled plastic bottles that go into making each one -- the equivalent of 12 years of plastic waste that would be otherwise clogging our planet’s streams, rivers, oceans, or landfills. And each eco-friendly 1188 rug is so comfortable, customers are already expressing disbelief that they could be made out of old plastic bottles. They come in a variety of different color options, each designed to obscure the dirt and grime that tend to accumulate outdoors.

If you’re interested in hosting your own Outer showroom, you can get a ten-percent discount on your first Outer sofa just for applying to the Neighborhood Showroom program. And if you’re approved to become a Showroom Host, you’ll have access to a variety of other benefits, including payments for virtual tours, payments for in-person customer showings, early access to new products, and more.

Your current patio furniture is probably starting to look a little pitiful right about now. So head over to the Outer online store and start making your selections now, and you’ll be ready in time for spring and summer.

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