An estimated 60 percent of people are working from home right now. And according to a study from National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys, as many as 70 percent of them spend a minimum of six or more hours sitting down each day. The reason your back hurts isn't just because you're getting older. It’s also because you're using furniture that's not designed properly. Luckily, there’s the noho move™ chair, an ergonomic chair designed for comfort and sustainability.

What is the noho move™ chair?


The noho move™ chair brings a new kind of comfort to everyday life thanks to its unique ergonomic design and earth-friendly production process. It's the result of thousands of hours of research fine tuned for how we live our dynamic modern lives. It was born to move, just like you, whenever you do. However, what revolutionizes the noho move™ chair is its patented design that rocks, complies with any physique, and enables a “forward-tilt” and “recline-flex” that deliver a uniquely fluid motion and ergonomic support. This support intuitively responds to your every activity and posture, eliminating pressure points, and improving your body's circulation. It incorporates an auxetic mesh seat that provides 4-way flex and form-fitting support that cradles your body. Complete your look by selecting one or more of the interchangeable upholstery toppers that come in five vibrant colors and are made from sustainably sourced and naturally durable New Zealand wool.

noho's Sustainability Promise


noho is a New Zealand born and based, Colorado located, company that believes furniture should look and feel good while also having a positive impact on the planet. That's why they don’t rely on conventional thinking or materials. Instead, they create earth-friendly designs intended to clean up our oceans, protect our environment, and enrich our overall well-being. These values are reflected in every detail of noho's products.

The result is furniture like the noho move™ chair that not only reduces our global footprint, but actually helps restore it. Each chair is made almost entirely from waste plastic - like ECONYL® regenerated nylon, sourced 100% from reclaimed fishing nets and end-of-use carpets - to help nurture our oceans and environment. In addition to using sustainable materials, noho also uses eco-friendly processes to make and package every product. They also manufacture all their furniture in New Zealand to ensure sustainability through the supply chain while powering production with 82% renewable energy.

A Ergonomic Chair Designed For Comfort and Sustainability


The team at noho works to combine a deep understanding of human physiology and movement with a mastery of ergonomic design and engineering. The result is furniture that flows naturally with your body and your life. This unique balance of support and movement creates responsive, dynamic comfort for better physical health and well-being. None of this would be possible without noho's sister company, Formway, which designs all of noho's furniture. Formway combines creative thinking with diligent research, user empathy, design expertise, science-based insights and engineering innovation to redefine what’s possible in furniture form, function and comfort.

Purchasing your noho move™ chair is simple, and it comes with free shipping and returns. Not only that, noho believes in their product so much they offer a 100-day free trial. So what are you waiting for? Click here to choose comfort with the noho move™ chair.

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