Good design isn't just pleasant to live and work in, it can literally save your life. And many buildings are first assembled not on the site but within a virtual environment with computer-assisted design (CAD) that makes it easy to ensure a design is both within zoning codes and within the bounds of physics.

The Learn AutoCAD Programming Certification Bundle will show you how to construct a building in code first, before moving into the real world. Valued at $1,600, it's on sale now for just $29.99.

Learning From Experience

The bundle is taught by Arnold Higuit (4.4/5 star instructor rating), a senior software developer with Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD), and Microsoft Certified Applications Developer (MCAD) certifications. Higuit draws on his experience across industries including utilities, telecommunications, and architecture with coding and apps to show the nuts and bolts of AutoCAD as a part of your daily career.

Building In Code

Each of these eight courses focuses on a different aspect of the AutoCAD process. First, you'll look at VB.NET, also called Visual Basic, one of the more intuitive programming environments, using code-along examples. It ensures you get into designing right away, and is especially handy for people who may be less comfortable with coding.

Then you'll apply those skills to Visual Basic for Applications, or VBA. This helps you integrate the Microsoft Office programs you're already familiar with into Visual Basic, laying the groundwork to import and export data. Then you'll use VBA to export to Excel, Microsoft Forms, and other Office programs, streamlining the design process.

Finally, a set of courses will show you more advanced programming, using C# and LISP to create programs, plug-ins, and other tools. This both shows you advanced AutoCAD and how it interacts with a Microsoft environment, and sets you up to extend the programs you already have to get the most out of them.

Get the Learn AutoCAD Programming Certification Bundle for $29.99 (reg. $1600).

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