As internet access becomes easier to get and even the most staid industries hire web designers, web design has become a key job skill not just for IT professionals, but office workers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. Yet even the simplest website is far more complex, and needs to be carefully designed with the end-user in mind.

The Venus Design System makes it easier to engineer and launch any website, for any skill level. It typically sells for $99, and is on sale now for just $39. 

Build Faster And Better

#3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt with 305 Upvotes, Venus is built on Atomic Design methodology, which views websites not as "pages," but systems built as components engineered for users. Starting a website from scratch can be useful when you're learning, but can also drain your resources when you're trying to run a business or complete other tasks. And reusing old code can only take you so far, especially if you need to completely overhaul your site.

Venus puts all the components, assets, and styles you need right there to quickly dispense with standard tasks so you can fine tune what's important, or launch new pages and sites faster. Click what you need, tweak it to match your standards, and get back to the complicated stuff.

Building A Better Web

Venus has everything you need in the box, with all elements ready for both Android and iOS. First, there are over 250 global design styles you can use that standardize everything on the site. Choose color, font, size, display, and everything else to ensure your site is clear, on brand, and readable.

All of the 2000+ components states are engineered as variants, making them flexible for your design, and there's a library of assets and icons to freely use. And with a lifetime subscription, as new items are added to the library, you can use them right away.

Get the Venus Design System for $39 (reg. $99), 60% off.

Prices subject to change.

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