For most people, outdoor furniture is the furniture they put outside because, well, it's not nice enough to be indoor furniture. After all, what's the point of buying expensive, high-quality furniture for your porch or patio when it'll end up getting wet and dirty. Well, a company called Outer is trying to change all that. They make outdoor furniture that's as comfortable and high-quality as what you use indoors, but gets made with an advanced, patent-pending process keeping it clean and dry despite the elements.

With Outer, you can bring the apex of outdoor furniture to your own porch, patio, or backyard. The company's multi-layer memory foam cushions might be more comfortable than the furniture in your living room. That's because the memory foam is of the same quality and comfort that you usually find in higher-end mattresses, which makes sitting in Outer chairs and sofas almost like sitting on a cloud. That's why Outer is confident when they say that their cushions are the most comfortable outdoor cushions in the world.

But Outer has more than just off-the-charts comfort to offer. Its proprietary OuterShell technology protects your furniture from whatever mother nature can dish out. The OuterShell cover secures Outer furniture from dew, rain, wind, snow, hail, and all the other elements that tend to wear and tear normal outdoor furniture over the years.

Outer: The Apex of Outdoor Furniture 


Even without the OuterShell, Outer furniture is built to last. The cushions are covered in what they call “life-proof fabric,” which is certainly not a phrase you use to describe most outdoor furniture. And Outer furniture is made from sturdy, all-weather wicker, and stands on stainless steel that’s built to hold up against pets, weather, and even your kids.

Outer makes sofas and sectionals that can be arranged in practically any configuration, so whatever your setup is outside, they'll have a furniture set that fits it. Four-piece, five-piece, six-piece, seven-piece, and eight-piece sets are yours for the choosing, as are various modular sofas. So whatever you need, and however often you find yourself entertaining outdoors, you can get it from Outer.

Outer also makes a line of outdoor rugs that will tie any outdoor space together. The 1188 eco-friendly comes in several different color options, and each is designed to be neutral enough to fit any surrounding or style. They’re soft to the touch, but built to last, and all with a reduced environmental impact. They’re also cleverly designed to conceal the dirt and dust that any outdoor rug is bound to accumulate. So even if you’ve had it sitting out for a while, it won’t look anywhere near as dirty as it actually is. And perhaps best of all, they’re easy to clean, too!

And for a limited time, you can get ten percent off the purchase of an Outer sofa by becoming an Outer Neighborhood Showroom Host. So head over to their site for more information on the program and learn how you can apply.

If your porch, patio, or yard could use an upgrade, there’s no better time to head over to the Outer online store and check out everything they have to offer.

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