For anyone looking to lessen their environmental impact, it's important to know not only where your furniture comes from, but how it's made. For example, a recent study claims that America's rapid consumption of furniture produced in China has led to major deforestation in central Africa. This is due in no small part to the fact that mass-produced furniture tends to be disposable in nature, and is often made of lower-quality materials which are sometimes unethically sourced. Luckily, Modos line of adjustable furniture can be easily expanded and reconfigured to meet your specific needs.

Philosophically, Modos Furniture aims to be friendly in everything they do. Because of this, they create and design user-friendly, adjustable furniture that grows with you as your needs evolve. What sets Modos' apart from other brands is its unique, tool-free, connector/board assembly, along with a reconfigurable design that allows its products to be re-imagined and repurposed at a moment's notice. Additionally, the use of durable, sustainably harvested materials means Modos adjustable furniture is far better for the environment than typical, mass-produced furniture.

Modos Adjustable Furniture Evolves To Meet Your Changing Needs


Thanks to Modos' revolutionary design, your furniture will be able to evolve to meet your changing needs. If you move to a new location, add a new member to your family, or simply want to switch up your existing configuration, Modos' allows you to seamlessly upgrade and reconfigure your furniture whenever you like. And with Modos, buying custom furniture has never been easier.

Tool-Free Assembly


One of the most annoying things about furniture is putting it together, but that's not the case with Modos. They've put great effort into making their furniture function as simply as possible. They achieved this by focusing on users experience with the aim of making furniture assembly easy and enjoyable. As such, Modos uses three different connectors and boards that require no tools to construct. The revolutionary design of the boards and connectors ensures that putting together Modos furniture feels like a fun game you're definitely going to win.

Zero-Waste Products

Modos is committed to creating products with zero waste. They do this by designing shelves to be cut from 4'x8' sheets of recycled or reclaimed wood. This results in nearly perfect yields, leaving only sawdust. As for the connectors, they're pressed from a billet of aluminum and cut into 1-inch sections. The aluminum sawdust is recycled, resulting in 0-percent material waste. Once everything is precision cut, the pieces are flat-packed for efficient shipping. From start to finish, Modos products are made with the environment in mind, including the connectors, which can eventually be recycled. Plus, all Modos products, some of which can be seen below, are handmade in the USA and designed with love in Brooklyn.

Monitor Stand/Laptop Stand


Available in eco-friendly bamboo, the wood Monitor Stand/Laptop Stand elevates your computer, freeing up desk space and creating a storage area to help to keep your workspace organized.

Shelf - S5


This five-cell shelf is a great way for storing and displaying books, records, plants, and various other items. And the easy to reconfigure design will look stylish in nearly any room.

Platform Bed


The Modos Platform Bed sits on top of a rigid hexagonal structure which leaves plenty of room underneath for storage. And the platform keys into the structure for added security and structural integrity, and is available in all US standard bed sizes.

Don't See What You Need? Make Your Own Design With The Modos Customizer.


If the company's preconfigured furniture isn't right for your space, check out Modos' online 3D product customizer. It can easily accommodate your specific requests, making your home's awkward corners and wasted spaces a thing of the past.

They people behind Modos want everyone to have access to beautiful, affordable furniture that makes their lives easier and simpler while supporting local communities and embracing the environment. Modos' adjustable furniture is modern, customizable, reconfigurable, and loveable. It's the eco-friendly future of furniture, today.

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