If you're still using sticky notes to write yourself quick, temporary memos around your desk, there's something you ought to know: with 50-billion sticky notes produced annually, they account for an unconscionable loss of trees on our planet. And as much as we all enjoy a well-placed sticky note from time to time, it's time to seek out more Eco-conscious alternatives, like whiteboards. Of course, most dry-erase boards don't offer the same speed and convenience of sticky notes. But luckily, that's where the Slope desktop whiteboard comes in.

The Slope is a personal desktop whiteboard that acts as the perfect space for all the quick notes you find yourself jotting down throughout the day. If you're familiar with dry-erase boards, you already understand the basic concept. But the Slope is different thanks to its distinctive ergonomic design that fits into almost any workspace. Inspired by an open, groomed ski run (hence the name), the people at FluidStance engineered Slope to fit between any computer keyboard and monitor, unobtrusively. So unlike traditional whiteboards that hang on the wall or door, Slope is always there when and where you need it, and always at the perfect angle for writing.

Most modern keyboards can also slide under The Slope when not in use, making it a novel space-saving solution as well. But it has a few other interesting features, too. Thanks to its sturdy steel construction, Slope is also an accommodating surface for magnets. And it comes equipped with a phone dock and cable storage space that makes an excellent office charging port for your smartphone.

The Slope - An Ideal Whiteboard for Your Workspace


Apart from the countless sticky notes that each one can confidently replace, the Slope is environmentally friendly in other ways. The dry erase surface is powder-coated using a low emissions process, and FluidStance is planting a tree for every Slope it sells.

One Slope will cost you $59 plus shipping and handling, but if you buy two or more, the shipping is on the house. And of course, each whiteboard comes with its own pen and attached eraser.

Here's a review from Linda C., one of the Slope's many satisfied customers:

"As someone who juggles responsibility for 12+ companies at the same this is a life saver. I can jot down what needs to be done next without looking for or using paper. Highly recommend!!"

The Slope is a great addition for almost any workspace, particularly if you find yourself grinding through a lot of sticky notes on a daily basis. So instead of destroying all those trees, why not buy a Slope and say goodbye to the visual clutter of endless sticky notes? Head over to the Fluidstance online store right here and buy yours, now.

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