The first step to feeling confident is feeling secure. But it's hard to be secure if you're worried about body odor. That's why most people have incorporated an antiperspirant or deodorant into their daily routine. However, with all the conflicting information linking the aluminum used in these products to cancer, many people are being forced to choose between smelling good and feeling safe. But thanks to OffCourt Body Spray, a deodorizing product that uses all-natural ingredients and also smells incredible, you don't have to choose.

What's OffCourt Body Spray?


OffCourt makes premium products for active men who sweat and shower frequently. Their prebiotic deodorant sprays are formulated to fight sweat’s side effects: dehydration and odor-causing bacteria. They do this by using prebiotics, which support the growth of “good” bacteria, keeping the odor-causing kind in check. It's also aluminum-free, with odor-controlling active ingredients that regulate odor production while powerful deodorizing agents trap stinky smells at their source. That's because OffCourt is obsessed with science-backed ingredients that stand up to odor while sacrificing filler ingredients that would spike their product's price. The result is an affordable body spray that keeps you fresh and dry, but also smelling fantastic.

OffCourt's Performance Scents


OffCourt products are designed to smell really, really good and not in an overpowering, mask-the-odors-at-all-costs kind of way. Unfortunately, great-smelling products typically have huge premiums to match. However, OffCourt believes smelling good shouldn’t be reserved for special occasions— so they formulated cost-effective scents that smell like a million bucks, but cost anything but. The result is three timeless scents you'll love wearing for superficial reasons... like smelling great.

Coconut + Sandalwood: With this scent, black pepper wakes you up while sandalwood draws you in. It's a fresh and woody scent that sustains all day, while fresh coconut water and the energizing citrus of bergamot keep things from getting too heavy.

Fig Leaves + White Musk: There are two sides to fig, and this is the verdant, green leafy side, not the overripe sweet fruit side. All that green is balanced by white musk, which brings the clean feeling of a freshly laundered white t-shirt.

Fresh Citron + Driftwood: OffCourt's lightest and cleanest scent, it's a combination of mandarin, grapefruit, and lemon that blend together seamlessly. It's balanced with crisp green apple, and subtle driftwood for depth and body.  The result is a scent as refreshing as a cold shower after an epic run.

Performance Body Spray Trio Pack


The Trio Pack has an answer for every mood – from a quick blast of freshness to all-day staying power. The Performance Body Spray gets noticed for its fresh scents, but it’s more than just odor-masking-fragrance-in-a-can. It’s OffCourt's innovative, aluminum-free deodorant formulated with powerful prebiotics and three deodorizing ingredients to fight body odor at its source. Most importantly, with The Trio, you get all three OffCourt scents including Coconut + Sandalwood, Fig Leaves + White Musk, and Fresh Citron + Driftwood.

So go ahead and leave your sweat on the field (or the rink, the bike, the slopes... or just your commute). OffCourt's got you covered every time you step off the court.

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