A new portable pod promises to give you WiFi wherever you need it.

This new contender called Plume improves WiFi coverage using hubs you install in rooms with poor coverage. The "Pods" go into power sockets where needed, and after you connect it to into your ISP's modem, it extends coverage via a mesh-like system the company calls "Adaptive WiFi," which constantly calculates where you are and adjusts the signal to maximize connection speeds.


Each piece (peas) of pod has an ethernet port, in case you want to plug in, but it is really designed for wireless use.

The company is now taking pre-orders for just $39 a pod, promising shipping in fall 2016, after which time it'll cost $49. The only real hangup? Well, the minimum order is six pods, unfortunately. However, if you happen to have a rather large house, an in-law apartment, or a little B-n-B, then this technology could be rather useful.


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