Prepared for War

Russia's military expansion has been relentless. Indicative of Russian President Vladimir Putin's desire to build up his nation's forces, Russia's new military tools include the Yak-130, a fighter armed with air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, as well as their highly anticipated T-14 tank armed with a 125-mm cannon, an electronic warning system, and armor that's 50 percent stronger than that of traditional tanks. However, no end is in sight for their military development. Russia has just announced their creation of a microwave gun with the capability to knock drones and warhead missiles out of the air from 10 kilometers away!

Shooting Down the Opposition

The super-high-frequency gun works through the connection of a high-power relativistic generator, a reflector antenna, and various operational systems to BUK surface-to-air missile systems. It connects to a special mount that ensures that the microwave gun can secure the perimeter with a 360-degree rotation.

The gun can also reportedly disrupt radio frequencies and deactivate the equipment of low-flying planes out-of-band, neutralizing the assault elements of precision weapons. While the full details of the gun are yet to be revealed, officials have scheduled a private demonstration of the device during the Russian Defense Ministry's Army 2015 expo this week.

War in Peace

Future plans for the gun include testing Russian military radio electronic systems against super-high-frequency emission. Western nations such as the United States have been leery of Russia's military expansion and question their recent increase. Late last year, the West imposed economic sanctions for Russia's role in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and has recently proposed a plan to put large weaponry in NATO nations near Russia to deter potential aggression from them. But for now, we wait and piece together Russia's underlying motives for their restless military spending.


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