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Over the past few years, the popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) oil and other CBD products has skyrocketed – it's already estimated to be a $1-2 billion industry. CBD, is a compound found in cannabis plants that many believe could offer the same positive side effects as marijuana including pain relief, increased appetite, and relaxation. However, scientists are still pretty divided when it comes to CBD and its potential benefits – and CBD is still technically classified by the DEA as a Schedule 1 substance (i.e. one with no currently accepted medical use), even if marijuana is legal in your state.

Still, numerous disclaimers aside, many people swear by CBD. And it's not just humans who are benefiting. Many dog owners have found that cannabidiol products also produce positive results for their four-legged friends. And while definitive answers from long-term studies are still years away, the American Kennel Club says there is at least "anecdotal evidence" suggesting CBD products can be used to treat dogs with pain, seizures, anxiety, and many other ailments – all with minimal negative side effects.

Now before we go any further: We have to say it. Always talk to your vet before giving any CBD or other supplement to your furry friend. However, if they give the okay, you might want to consider ZenPup.

ZenPup was founded by dog owners hoping to "trailblaze the pet marketplace" for "high quality, all natural, CBD infused [pet products]." Zenpup uses only "the best in organic ingredients and broad spectrum CBD" to create treats, shampoos, and supplements that the company claims will keep your pooch "happy, healthy & calm." So if you're interested in seeing the positive impact CBD could have on your dog's well being, check out the following products from Zenpup for yourself.

ZenPup PB Dog Treats


ZenPup Peanut-butter Flavored Dog Treats are the perfect "pick-me-up for your pup." They are made using real peanut butter and other organic ingredients that are mixed with "a proprietary blend Full Spectrum Hemp Extract in Hemp Seed Oil." The result is a treat that is meant to promote health and happiness in your dog, and also claims to "help sooth pain, inflammation, anxiety and age-related issues."

ZenPup Calming Supplement


The ZenPup Calming Supplement claims to help support your dog's "health and happiness," and also aid in soothing anxiety and joint mobility. Simply spray the supplement on your dog's food or in its mouth, and watch as the mixture of hemp seed oil, MCT oil, bacon flavoring, and full spectrum hemp extract oil goes to work "promoting joy, calmness, and an overall sense of well-being" in your pooch.

ZenPup Dry Shampoo


ZenPup Dry Shampoo is a "multi-benefit, rinse-free wonder" that cleans all hair and fur types without the need for water, and extends time between your pet's regular washings. Simply pump the foam into the palm of your hands, and apply it liberally to your dog. It quickly eliminates oil, sweat, and odor and reduces dry, itchy skin, leaving your pet with a healthier looking coat.

Futurism fans: To create this content, a non-editorial team worked with an affiliate partner. We may collect a small commission on items purchased through this page. This post does not necessarily reflect the views or the endorsement of the editorial staff. This supplement has not been evaluated by the FDA, and is not intended to cure or treat any ailments. Do not take (or give) CBD products if you (or your pet) are allergic to any of the ingredients in the product you are consuming. Tell your doctor (or vet) about all medicines you may be on before consuming CBD to avoid negative reactions. Tell your doctor (or vet) about all medical conditions. Tell your doctor (or vet) about all the medicines you take, including prescription and nonprescription medicines, vitamins and herbal products. Other side effects of CBD include: dry mouth, cloudy thoughts, and wakefulness. You are encouraged to report negative side effects of any drugs to the FDA. Visit, or call 1-800-FDA-1088. 

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