26 August 2019

Neutrogena is Printing Custom Face Masks That Fit You Perfectly

They have eye holes that actually line up and targeted treatments for each part of your face.
by Dan Robitzski / January 03 2019

Behind the Mask

Skincare company Neutrogena is solidifying its position in the world of technology and data collection with a new skincare product.

The company is poised to start selling 3D printed custom face masks based on imaging of a customer’s face, according to The Verge, to perfectly fit their facial features and deliver localized spot treatments — another sign that 3D scanning and rapid fabrication are of interest to companies far beyond niche technology markets.

Targeted Care

Each MaskiD mask can be customized based on a person’s specific skin conditions to deliver ingredients like vitamin C and feverfew. So if the skin on your forehead needs a different treatment than the skin on your cheeks, you would be able to take care of both with one mask.

The masks, announced at the tech showcase CES 2019, will be customized and sold through an iOS app, MaskiD later in 2019. Neutrogena has been secretive as far as costs, but it would be reasonable to assume that the added costs of customization and personalization would bring the cost of these MaskiD facemasks up quite a bit.

Data Play

Neutrogena would love for you to share your personal data with them for reasons beyond using it to enhance your skincare routine, The Verge reports.

The company likely won’t be selling user data, but any information collected through a Skin360 device essentially becomes free market research and data analytics that the company can use to improve its product line and offer specific recommendations based on people’s skin.

But hey, if these masks can help get rid of my Grand Canyon-esque crow’s feet, I’ll tell Neutrogena anything it wants to know.

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