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It's no secret that maintaining a successful relationship can be extremely difficult, even if both parties want it to work. Luckily, attending couples counseling with a licensed professional tends to have a positive impact on troubled relationships. That said, many people are still reluctant to seek out help because of the perceived stigma surrounding therapy. But a web-based service called Regain is trying to change that.

Studies have shown that online therapy can be a useful as a first step for those who are reluctant to seek counseling, and can help some people overcome their fears about in-person therapy. And the American Psychological Association cites evidence that “telemental health” and “asynchronous messaging therapy” can, in some cases, “be as effective as in-person therapy.” So if you or your partner are interested in exploring couples therapy, but are reluctant to do so in person, Regain might be the answer.



Regain provides individuals and couples with convenient, discreet, and affordable access to a licensed and credentialed therapist from the comfort of their own home (or anywhere with Internet access). The site allows two users to access a joint account anytime, anywhere, via a computer, tablet, or smartphone. All written communication is visible to both users and the counselor. However, it is also possible for each individual to speak with a counselor via a private live session.

Regain also goes to great lengths to ensure privacy and confidentiality. All communication between you and your counselor is protected by strict state and federal laws, and is secured with banking-grade 256-bit encryption. And Regain's databases are encrypted and scrambled, so they are useless in the unlikely event that they are hacked. Last but not least, the company does not ask customers for their full names or contact information (although emergency contact information must be given to the counselor).

So if you and your significant other are interested in couples therapy but aren't yet willing to meet with a counselor face-to-face, Regain might be the alternative you've been searching for.

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