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Medical research suggests regular meditation and mindfulness exercises can improve both physical and mental health. Meditation has also been shown to help alleviate stress and anxiety. In some cases, it also lead to increased brain size and heightened levels of intelligence. Given this growing list of proven benefits, it should come as no surprise that public interest in meditation is now at an all-time high.

Because of this surge in popularity, several companies have developed new and innovative technologies to make meditation easier and more accessible. As a result, joining a class or finding a guru is no longer a necessity. It's now possible to begin learning the art of meditation any time, anywhere, thanks to high-tech meditation apps. So if you're interested in improving your mental health and overall well being through meditation, check out the apps we’ve listed below.

Welzen Meditation App: Lifetime Subscription


If you're looking for a little more "zen" in your life, the Welzen app makes it easy to re-center yourself in a hectic world. It uses simple, subject-specific meditations to help users reduce stress and anxiety. And depending on your schedule, you can choose guided sessions that are as short as five minutes or as long as twenty. Along with daily mindfulness exercises that will improve your focus and creativity and help strengthen your relationships, Welzen also provides inspiring life lessons that help you feel your best. And because it's a mobile app, you can use Welzen to mediate any time, anywhere.

Breethe Meditation And Sleep App: Lifetime Subscription


If you're looking for a mindfulness and meditation coach you can take anywhere, look no further than the Breethe app. Whether you're dealing with anxiety, or having issues with sleep, Breethe provides you with hundreds of guided meditations that will help you relive stress and get a solid night's rest. It also provides inspirational pep-talks, sleep inducing music and stories, as well as gentle wake-up tracks. Using Breethe for just five minutes a day can improve your sleeping patterns, help with weight loss goals, improve your relationships, and much, much more.

Aura Premium Meditation App: Lifetime Subscription


If you're serious about making your mental health a priority, then the Aura Premium Meditation App can help. Created by top meditation teachers and therapists, the app uses ground-breaking AI to help you relieve stress and anxiety via daily science-based mindfulness meditations. Aura is the only meditation app that uses machine learning to meet your specific needs and help you track your mood to better understand your own mental patterns and reach a greater equilibrium.

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