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Attention penis-having PC gamers!

Put down that joystick if you want the "joystick" in your pants to work.

That's the implicit message of a new study published in the science journal Andrology: scientists from China have found a strong association between "extended computer usage for leisure" and the risk of developing erectile dysfunction, based on genetic and statistical analysis on data from more than 220,000 subjects.

Specifically, they found that men upped their chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction by 3.57 times for every 1.2 hours per day spent on a computer.

"Moderate physical activity may help to correct the dysfunction," the researchers write.

Interestingly, the researchers didn't find an association between erectile dysfunction and other sedentary leisure activities like watching TV or driving.

Still, further research is warranted because the scientists inferred their conclusion from a large-scale survey. A more exacting study would have a cohort of test subjects sitting in front of a computer and reporting back.

But it sure does give pause to any dude with a crippling World of Warcraft addiction.

"Whilst this study does not absolutely show cause and effect, it certainly suggests that men who are worried about their erectile function should perhaps get off the computer and become more active," said University of Manchester professor of andrology Allan Pacey, who gave his thoughts on the study to The Independent. "Studies have already shown that regular exercise can improve erectile function."Another aspect to this study that's not discussed is its implications on China's efforts to crack down on video gamers, particularly children — though as of late, the country seems to have retreated from this position.But if the country's leaders take seriously this study, especially in light of plummeting birth rates in China, we could expect China to go hard against video games once again.

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