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Excited that the holiday break is finally here?

Well, some scientists in Germany say not to get too excited. Because not only does the Christmas season herald a lot of festive cheer, but it apparently makes some people so horny that many men end up in the emergency room with penile fractures.

Researchers uncovered the eye-opening trend that penile fractures increase from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day (December 26) after evaluating data from more than 3,400 men who needed a hospital stay from 2005 to 2021 in Germany, as detailed in a new study published in the journal British Journal of Urology International.

"If every day was like Christmas, 43 percent more penile fractures would have occurred in Germany from 2005 on," the researchers write.

Researchers also found that penile fractures happen less often from New Year's Eve to New Year's Day. The researchers also found that people often come to the emergency room complaining about breaking their penis during the weekend, with summer also seeing a rise in injured genitals.

Besides twisty sex positions, the researchers noted that penile fractures often happen during "extramartial affairs, unusual locations."

"This injury tends to occur during wild sex — particularly in positions where you’re not in direct eye contact [with your partner], such as the reverse cowgirl," lead author and Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich urologist Nikolaos Pyrgides told The Guardian.

Penile fractures, which is as painful as it sounds, occur when an erect penis basically snaps in a sudden, forceful, bending motion. It usually happens during sex, because channels filled with blood inside the erect penis can rupture when the penis is bent suddenly.

The penis fracture is often accompanied with a snapping or cracking sound, pain, skin discoloration from bleeding, loss of erection, and the poor things often look like a swollen eggplant.

If this happens to you, get to an emergency room stat. Because if left untreated, you may end up with a curved penis or have trouble getting an erection in the future.

As for the German researchers who wrote in a puckish disclosure, they said they based their research on hard data and not anything they had experienced themselves.

"None of the authors has actively contributed to these data by experiencing a penile fracture," they wrote. "The authors have only participated in the drafting, writing, and editing of the manuscript. This year all authors promise to do nothing special."

What a relief!

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