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Brazil is hard up for an explanation after facing inquiry over why it keeps purchasing male enhancement products for its soldiers.

As The Guardian reports, Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro has, uh, come under scrutiny after it was revealed that the country's military not only ordered a bunch of Viagra for its soldiers, but an unclear number of penile implants as well.

The Brazilian military insists, however, that the Viagra pills were to treat hypertension, and that it had only purchased three penis implants as opposed to the 60 that Brazilian media reported. Still, those remaining three certainly raise questions.

"The army healthcare system is assigned with treating male patients for various types of ailments that might require surgery for the implantation of such prostheses," a translated government statement reads.

Unsurprisingly, Bolsonaro's many critics in Brazilian politics and media have seized upon this climactic opportunity.

Opposition congressman Elias Vaz, is calling for an investigation into the male enhancement order.

"Bolsonaro and his crew continue to laugh in the faces of Brazilians," Vaz opined.

Leftist congresswoman Vivi Reis, meanwhile, was more tongue-in-cheek.

"Everyone is free to have whatever fetish they want," she tweeted. "But with public money it's a crime."

"We won’t allow Bolsonaro to turn Brazil into an orgy," she added.

Also, for the record: the US Veteran's Affairs absolutely pays for both penis implants and Viagra.

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