A Long and Healthy Life

It turns out, writing about your investment ideas before actually putting money into them is a nifty strategy for ensuring success. It's proven to work for British billionaire Jim Mellon, anyways. He hopes to continue the trend with his latest book, Juvenescence: Investing in the Age of Longevity, by using it as the jumping off point for a new biotech company with a focus on putting an end to aging.

Juvenescence Limited is a joint venture between Mellon and longevity researchers Gregory Bailey and Declan Doogan. Under that parent umbrella is Juvenescence AI, a joint venture with Alexander Zhavoronkov, CEO of Baltimore-based Insilico Medicine, Inc., a drug research company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to explore ways to end aging and age-related diseases.

Research under Juvenescence AI will focus on examining cellular pathways to aging, as well as affecting change in the mitochondria and finding ways to clean senescent cells, which accumulate when the body grows old.

The team at Juvenescence isn't just hoping to prolong life, however. As Doogan, a former executive at Pfizer, explained to Endpoints News, “Not just longer, but better longer. Healthy aging is the objective here.”

Employing Technology

More and more doctors and scientists are starting to view aging itself as a disease that can be cured, and now, many researchers are also working to develop drugs to address aging.

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However, as with any drug development research, this process could take time, and Juvenescence Limited hopes to find a shortcut through their use of AI technology.

"We are excited by the potential for AI to streamline the longest and most costly portions of the drug development cycle: clinical trials," Mellon said in a press release. "With Insilico Medicine's help, we hope Juvenescence AI will both develop therapeutics that treat the diseases that plague all of us as we age and eventually treat the aging process itself."

Bailey, the CEO of Juvenescence, sees the company as being positioned for great success in this endeavor: “We are at an inflection point for the treatment of aging. I think this is going to be the biggest deal I’ve ever done.”

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