Today, there are a ton of different online investing platforms to choose from. This is great news for investors—particularly young tech-savvy ones—because they now have access to investment opportunities that didn't exist just a few years ago. That said, the abundance of options makes choosing the best investment opportunity that much more difficult. How do you know which platform or platforms are right for you? How do you know which companies you can trust? What type of assets to invest in? Which ones actually deliver the results they promise? Well, you could scour the web for all the reviews and listicles produced by financial publications. Or you could make it a whole lot easier for yourself and subscribe to MoneyMade, a website specifically designed to keep you up to date and help you make informed decisions about online investing platforms.

Understanding The Online Investing Landscape


In the past, resources like Moneymade weren’t really necessary. If you wanted to invest your money, you’d just find yourself a financial advisor at Edward Jones or Merrill Lynch, or maybe a small local firm, and they’d help you set up a  portfolio of publicly traded stocks and bonds. These were basically the only financial assets regular people had access to, so it really wasn’t that complicated.

Things are different now. Advancements in computer and programming technology, including crowdfunding tech and artificial intelligence analytics, have opened up all sorts of new doors for investors. Today there are online investment platforms designed to help regular everyday people invest in all sorts of things, including commercial real estate, loans, farmland, startups, robo investing, cryptocurrencies, gold, and even collectibles.

When it comes to investing, having more asset classes to choose from is a very good thing. Diversification is and always will be the key to minimizing risk, and minimizing risk is the key to successful long term investing. However, the more online investing platforms there are, the more difficult it is to figure out what’s right for you. In addition to choosing what type of asset you want to invest in, you have to figure out what type of returns you’re looking for and what level of liquidity you’re comfortable with. And of course, you’ll want proof that the platform actually succeeds in making people money.

That’s where MoneyMade comes in.

Find The Best Investment Opportunities For Your Money


MoneyMade is a website that helps you discover and compare over 130 different online investment platforms. Every one of their listings features a helpful overview that summarizes how the platform works, how everyone makes money, and what risks are involved. MoneyMade’s listings also include important specs like the minimum investment required, the target return, fees, payout schedules, liquidity, and so on, plus a star rating based on reviews from verified investors and financial professionals. There’s also a social media stream where you can connect and talk about platforms with other investors. Best of all, once you get an idea of what kind of investment opportunity you're looking for, you can sort investing platforms based on any of the criteria listed above and set up email notifications when new opportunities pop up.

Even if you’re a total newcomer to investing and aren’t even sure where to start, MoneyMade can help. While their service is no substitute for licensed and certified investment or financial advice, their six-question Investor Quiz can help you get an idea of what kinds of online investment platforms might be right for you.

Whatever stage of financial planning you are in—whether you’re just starting to build a portfolio, or you’re an experienced investor looking to diversify in new and exciting ways—MoneyMade is a very valuable tool to add to your kit. Sign up and the best investment for your money, today.

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