Project "Comradre"

This project is headed by AR/VR pioneer Jaron Lanier at his lab in Microsoft, and it focuses on a mixed reality where more than one person interacts with a phenomena or an object at the same time. To do this, student interns made headsets out of smartphones and laptop computers while their head movements were tracked by sensors. The students were able to apply the multi-person mixed reality in various situations, including visualizing math equations and making real-world blocks interact with an animation.

The Challenge

The longstanding challenge of making multi-person mixed reality is of great interest to many pioneering companies, and is often referenced as a necessity for virtual reality to go mainstream. Jeremy Bailson of Stanford University states the the most critical part of the study is determining how to accurately track everybody's movements "in their own scene." The team hopes that the results can help shape how the technology is commercialized - especially in the aspects of communication, collaboration, and accessing information.

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