The Breakthrough

The System for Telementoring with Augmented Reality (STAR) takes 2D images of organs then produces a 3D virtual reality version that surgeons can study before they start the actual operation. Surgeons have the ability to dissect the 3D images with a stylus through the zSpace platform. STAR also includes a transparent display and sensors that aide the communication between peers. A demo video of the technology can be found below.

The Implications

STAR helps surgeons prepare as much as possible before they head to the operating room. STAR also allows them to thoroughly prepare their patients on their operations with 3D visuals. It has recently been approved by the US FDA, and it will soon be rolled out to hospitals across the country for trial. There is also an opportunity for it to be used as a medium for training, as companies like Foxconn have began using similar technology in an educational capacity.

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