With Tesla and other big-name manufacturers already saturating the market, its hard for new companies to make a name in the electric vehicle market. But that hasn't stopped Kartik Ram's dream of profiting from the green revolution. His solution? Go smaller.

Fresh from his Zeitgeist electric bike, which debuted this spring, Ram is launching a Kickstarter campaign for EV: the Doohan EV3 iTank , a three-wheeled electric scooter.

And for a scooter, it has respectable specs: from 0 to 28 mph in 4.6 seconds, an official range of nearly a hundred kilometers (62 miles), removable lithium-ion batteries that charge in 6 hours, a 50:50 weight balance, and low center of gravity.

While the $5,500 price tag may seem steep, one has to remember that the competition is steeper: the Piaggio MP3 Sport 500 is $9,000.

More importantly, the three-wheeler looks like the vehicle of the future. “Cars are getting smarter and smaller. In general, the sharing economy requires you to think about smaller form factors that are personal for you,” says Ram to TechCrunch.

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