It kind of looks like a monster. Just look at those light-up bug eyes.

Don't be frightened, though. It's just SAM. The SAM is a three-wheeled electric car popular in Poland. Now though, Eastern Europeans are exporting them to AmericaTesla may currently rule the electric vehicle field in the U.S., but that could be changing soon.


These weird looking compact EVs have folding gull-wing doors, a steel chassis, and a fully recyclable polyethylene body. Under the hood, the SAM is powered by a lithium-polymer battery pack that has a five-hour charging time using a regular outlet. That charge will last the EV 80 to 100 km (50 to 62 miles), and it has a top speed of 90 kmh (56 mph).

CEO Wacław Stevaert says U.S. sales will begin sometime next year. The price of the unit without battery is $8,600. A standard battery costs an additional $3,750 – a higher-capacity battery will go for $5,750, and should provide a range of up to 161 km (100 miles).

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