Be Free

Bird is a device that can be worn on the user’s finger and allows for gesture-based control over virtually anything that can be controlled with a computer. Developed by Israeli-based firm MUV Interactive, Bird uses a multitude of different sensors that detect location, motion, force, proximity, touch, and voice commands. It is compatible with any smartphone and tablet that runs Android or iOS, and any Windows or Mac PC.

Bird has been in development for 5 years and has already sold 15,000 units to enterprise and education professionals. It is now available for purchase through MUV Interactive's website.

Endless Application Possibilities

Bird is often seen demoed with projected screens as it can detect interaction with images projected onto any surface. It can also work with other smart objects that can be controlled with smartphones or computers. This applies to the growing IOT industry, including home automation devices like Nest and Sonos.

As evidenced by the video below, another interesting application of Bird is for controlling drones.

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