Grilling is a timeless art that goes back deep into the heart of human history. It was probably developed shortly after man discovered fire. But that’s no reason to be a grilling Luddite and ignore advances in technology that can take your grilling game to the next level. Technology like the MEATER+ wireless meat thermometer, for example, takes one of the trickiest parts of any grilling session -- knowing when your meat is done cooking -- and makes it incredibly simple and all but impossible to screw up. And it also lets you monitor your meat's temp from anywhere, so you're never too far from the grill.

MEATER is the cutting edge wireless meat thermometer that can change the way you grill forever. It works almost like a traditional meat thermometer, but no wires and no external electronics. You just insert the probe and let it do its work. And MEATER+, true to its name, adds a Bluetooth repeater to the mix, which will allow you to keep tabs on how your grilling is proceeding no matter where you go up to 165 feet away. And if you have an Internet connection and your smartphone equipped with the MEATER app, you can go pretty much anywhere and still know exactly what's going on with your grill.

MEATER+ Wireless Meat Thermometer


Your usual meat thermometer has been upgraded and possibly even perfected with the MEATER+. Its wireless probe includes not just one, but two separate temperature sensors: one for the internal temperature of the meat, and the other for the ambient temperature of the grill itself. This allows for a vastly more precise and accurate picture of when it’s time for your meat to be taken off the grill, but you don’t have to be a grilling expert to make use of all that extra data. Instead, you just follow the step by step instructions on the MEATER app, which can guide you through every part of the process. Some grillers can throw the meat on the grill and trust their instincts alone to get the job done. But for everyone else, there’s MEATER+.

Like all MEATER products, the MEATER+ is built to stand up to countless sessions on the grill. Constructed from stainless steel and heatproof ceramic, it’s powered by a single rechargeable AAA battery that you’ll be able to use and recharge around 100 times before replacing it. All of the sophisticated electronics that allow it to work are housed totally within the probe, so there are no wires anywhere. The charging dock almost as sleek and elegant as the thermometer itself, made from bamboo and built to fit in almost anywhere, either next to the grill or in the kitchen. It can stand on its own, or be affixed to any metal surface with built-in magnets, so you can always have your MEATER+ at hand whenever the urge to grill strikes.

If you’ve been grilling in the stone age for long enough, you can join the 21st century by heading over to the MEATER online store, where the whole MEATER+ bundle, which includes the thermometer, Bluetooth repeater, and charging dock, is priced at just $99.

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