Fans of The Jetsons (and, presumably, readers of Futurism) are familiar with the science-fiction concept of perfect food at the touch of a button. And while we might still be a long way off from using a re-hydrating device to make a flawlessly cooked steak, technology is working it's way to the grill. And one prime example of this is the MEATER+ meat thermometer and Bluetooth repeater, which brings an unprecedented amount of precision to your grill even if you're not at your grill.

If you’re not familiar with MEATER, it’s a total game-changer for anyone who loves to grill. It's similar to a traditional meat thermometer, but the MEATER+ adds extended Bluetooth connectivity range to the mix, giving you up to 165-feet of wireless range.

Billed as the first-ever truly wireless smart meat thermometer, all of the sophisticated electronics that allow MEATER+ to monitor the internal temperature of your steak, fish, chicken, and so on are housed completely inside the MEATER+ probe. Translation: no need for any wires, period.

MEATER+ has two separate temperature sensors in one probe: one for internal meat temperature and another for ambient grill temperature, giving users another layer of precision in crafting the perfect meal. But since MEATER+ also syncs up with the MEATER smart app, you don’t have to be a precise cook to get the meat exactly right. That's because the Guided Cook System takes you step-by-step through each part of the cooking process, and the Advanced Estimator Algorithm gives you the best available guess on how long the meat should rest after cooking. And as long as you know how to use a regular meat thermometer, you'll likely find MEATER to be even simpler to set up and use.

MEATER+ Smart Meat Thermometer and Bluetooth Repeater


The MEATER+ Bluetooth Repeater extends the MEATER’s wireless range to up to 165 feet, but if that’s not enough, you can sync up your phone and keep an eye on your meat wherever you have an Internet connection. With the MEATER app, you’ll get the cook guides mentioned above, smartphone alerts, and even the ability to monitor multiple cooks at once. The only thing it won’t do is take the meat off the grill or out of the oven for you.

The MEATER+ is built to last from stainless steel and heatproof ceramic and is powered by a rechargeable single AAA battery that will take about 100 charges before needing to be replaced. The charging dock itself is a handsome bamboo number that will look great next to your grill or in your kitchen, where it can stand free or attach to any metallic surface courtesy of built-in magnets. And the whole bundle, including the thermometer, Bluetooth extender, and charging dock, costs just $99.

If your mouth is already starting to water, head over to the official MEATER+ online store to place your order and change your culinary game for the better.

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