Python lies underneath a surprising amount of what we use. When we filter images, use popular websites like Instagram, or play games, Python was likely what they were built on. And, it's behind the scenes, too, running cybersecurity tools, maintaining networks, and helping out in daily life. Mastering Python is key to an IT career, and the 2021 Premium Python Certification Bootcamp Bundle offers 41 hours of training for $34.99, 98% off the MSRP.

Why Python?

Python is so popular, because, like its namesake, it's powerful and flexible. If you've studied other forms of programming, you'll get up to speed with Python quickly, and it's easy to implement in a huge range of environments. It's also good for newbies, thanks to a design philosophy opposed to clutter and obscurity. In Python, the goal is that there's "one, and only one" way to do something, so once you learn how to automate a task, filter an image, or grind through a dataset, you won't have to babysit your code.

What's In The Bundle

This bootcamp bundle is built for everyone who wants to learn Python. New coders can start with the absolute beginners course, that over five hours and 55 lessons breaks out the basics of Python, and can even be learned with families. You can then move on to the fundamentals of the language. If you've used Python before but it's been a while, a course breaks down Python 3 and what's changed.

From there, the courses explore ethical hacking, image filtering, artificial intelligence, automating Excel files, web design and automation, and even making video games. It all wraps up with a course on getting certified as a Python programmer.

Whether you want to open up a new career, or just want to understand how your phone works, Python will crack open a new window on the world. And for $34.99, 98% off, these bootcamps make it accessible to anyone.

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