Masks have become part of our day-to-day lives, yet their necessity is having downstream effects we're just starting to deal with, today. A mix of lack of demand for oil combined with a tendency to use disposable plastic masks has added to the ongoing plastic waste problem our planet faces, with up to 75% of the disposable masks and gloves winding up in the environment, according to the UN. The best way to help out, on a personal level, is to use sustainable products instead.

The UltraOne Fan Mask, currently 10% off at $79.95, keeps the air in your mask fresh and filtered while limiting the need for disposables. Here's how it works, and why it's better.

Comfortable Design

It's worth remembering that we wear masks not just to prevent inhaling germs but also exhaling them. That makes proper wear important, but the right fit can be tricky to achieve with some masks.

The UltraOne solves this problem with its silicone straps and face seal. The face seal is designed to mold comfortably over the face and nose, limiting air getting out around the mask. This also means fogged-up glasses are a thing of the past, as the seal limits your breath coming out from the top of the mask.

The face straps are silicone as well and designed to fit comfortably over the ears so you can wear your mask for hours, and it comes with two fitting clamps to ensure the ideal fit.


The Fan Mask uses High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. HEPA filter technology has decades of real-world testing behind it, and a standard filter will filter 99.97% of all particulate matter down to a scale of 0.3 microns, making it ideal not just for airborne germs but also pollution and other matter.

In addition, the filter includes an activated carbon membrane. Activated carbon serves as a microscopic carbon net that catches smaller particles and holds them in place, offering extra protection. These filters cover both intake and exhaust, for maximum protection for you and those around you.


While masks are part of our everyday routine, many have struggled to figure out the proper balance of air intake versus protection. The Fan Mask resolves this by offering two speeds; a slower one for daily use and a faster speed for when you're running, cycling, or otherwise need maximum air. As an advantage, this helps keep the mask from getting too humid, adding comfort and helping to prevent acne related to mask usage.

Durable And Sustainable

The Fan Mask is designed for durability, sustainability, and reuse. The mask itself charges with a standard USB cable, so you'll never have to worry about powering it up, and it lasts for four to six hours off a 760 mA battery. The outer shell is tough ABS plastic, so it can be tossed in your bag and be ready to go when you need it. Current estimates have the Fan Mask sturdy enough to be used daily for at least three years.

In terms of sustainability, a good reusable mask is better than disposables not just for the environment, but for your wallet. The cost of disposable N95 or KN95 masks can run as high as $3 per mask, depending on the vendor, and consumer hoarding makes it more difficult for medical personnel and first responders to secure the PPE they need.

Having a mask where you only change the filters will help save money for you and resources for those who need it most. And at $80, the UltraOne Fan Mask will keep you sustainable, safe, and on budget.

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