Now that the seasons are changing and the weather is getting cooler, we're going to have to be even more careful about exposure to Covid-19. Recent laboratory experiments published in Aerosol Science and Technology found that multilayer cloth masks were more effective than single-layer masks, blocking as much as 50-to-70-percent of exhaled small droplets and particles. Obviously, at this point in the pandemic, you realize that masks are the new normal. However, what if you didn't have to constantly check and double-check to see if you've remembered to bring your mask with you? That's where the G95 Filtration Technology Hoodie with its built in mask masks come in.

What Is G95 Filtration Technology?

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In 2015 G95 came up with an idea to address a problem we've all experienced firsthand, air pollution. The idea was to incorporate particulate filtration into apparel. In 2016 the G95 team developed their prototype product, Bioscarf, and filed their first patent that covered their new design, which embedded washable and reusable filtration material in fabric. That design is the foundation for all G95 gear. It's durable and more importantly, washable for reuse without sacrificing the integrity of its filtration system. Plus, it has excellent breathability and has been vigorously tested at one of the premier testing facilities in the U.S. In fact, it outperformed many of the most popular air pollution masks on today's market. In tests, on average, it filtered out 99-percent of all airborne particles 0.1 microns or larger.

G95 Biopullover in Black with Built In Mask

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Meet the Biopullover, the latest from the G95 Gear Collection. It includes their built-in G95 filtration technology in the whole neck from the shoulders up.  Pull it all the way up and use it when you need protection, or keep it down around your neck when you don't. The G95 Biopullover in Black is super soft and comfortable in G95's signature style. Plus, it comes with their new blacked-out branding, stealth pockets, as well as an adjustable waist and neck. This hoodie is an absolute game-changer that provides the wearer with incredible functionality and protection. The best of both worlds when you're trying to stay safe and warm.

Biohoodie Full Zip in Grey

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The Biohoodie Full Zip in Grey includes G95's patented, built-in filtration technology in the whole hood from the shoulders up, providing the wearer with an entire halo of protection.  It's subtle yet sophisticated thanks to a super soft and comfortable everyday fit hoodie that provides sporty comfort. However, Biohoodie's G95 filtration material makes it a cut above all others. That's because it provides protection wherever and whenever you need it: at the gym, while out for a run, riding a bike, or on a bus, plane, or train. All you have to do is zip it up to feel safe and cozy whenever you need it.

This winter, choose safety and comfort when you sport either G95's Biohoodie Full Zip or Biopullover. Order now, before it's out of stock.

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