Fogged-up lenses are a small price to pay to help protect others. Yet, it can bring its own risks, e.g., if you have to forgo sunglasses that prevent being blinded by reflected light on the road or have to squint through your lenses to get anything done when you're out and about.

However, you don't have to see the world through a haze. FogBlock can help keep lenses clear, and currently, it's $12.99, 13% off the MSRP.

Why Do My Lenses Fog When I Wear A Mask?

Lenses fog up when you wear a mask thanks to simple physics. During your normal day, you exhale anywhere from 40 to 90 grams of water an hour in the form of vapor. If that warm vapor comes in contact with a surface cool enough, it will condense onto that surface. Even the best-fitting masks will direct a small amount of your breath up rather than out, running some of that moist air across your cool glasses. Hence, fog.

FogShield uses a non-toxic proprietary solution to prevent that condensation. All you need to do is spray your lenses a few times and let them dry for five minutes — no wiping or other application needed. Then, wear your lenses as normal, and you won't have to deal with fog for up to 24 hours.

It's also designed for convenience, coming in a small spray bottle that you can take anywhere with you, including on airplanes. Drop it in a bag, keep it in your pocket, or put it in a drawer; it'll always be handy.

Verified customer, Frances C. says, "This product has solved the problem of my glasses fogging up when wearing a mask. No matter how tightly I pressed the nose wire, they would still fog up & it was worse when also wearing a face shield. I tried the dish soap trick & that helped some, but not as well as FogBlock."

Even when the pandemic ends, we'll likely keep wearing masks if we've got a cold or the flu, to protect others. FogBlock makes providing that courtesy a little easier, and at $12.99, 13% off, it makes it cost-effective, as well.

Prices subject to change.

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