Image credit: Atif Saeed

Most of us observe nature from a distance. We may take a stroll through the park on a quiet evening, but our lives are governed by steel and concrete. If we encounter any animals, they are likely dogs that are out for a walk or the odd stray cat.

Pakistani photographer Atif Saeed takes nature, and nature photography, to a whole new level.

In 2012, he captured this incredible image of a lion at a wildlife park outside of Lahore. He notes that he was able to capture the image very, very slowly. He crept out of his car and left the door open. Then, he sat on the ground just "a stone's throw" away from the animal. He managed to take a few images when, as you can see, the lion got a little camera-shy. He states that the lion noticed him and leapt in his direction.

The photographer quickly retreated to the safety to his car.

This was, of course, a very good idea. Especially considering that, recently (April, 2015) a man was mauled to death by lions at a South African zoo. However, experts do not think that there are any safety concerns; rather, the man seems to have entered the enclosure on purpose for unknown reasons.

And Saeed is far from unique in his encounter. In 2011, Dutch photographer Marsel Van Oosten captured this amazing image of a snapping lion in the in the Kalahari desert as part of an excursion with the Royal Geographic Society.

Image credit: Marsel Van Oosten

And of course, as this image by Martin Heigan reveals, baby lions can also get a little camera-shy.

Image credit: Martin Higan

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