Battery Life is the Only Spec That Matters

In a recent poll, users chose battery life over performance as the number one thing they consider before buying a smartphone.

Which would probably explain why Apple sacrificed its signature design aesthetic and decided to release a Hunchback of Notre Dame-inspired Smart Battery Case all in the name of extending the iPhone's battery life.

Battery life also seems to be the driving force behind LG's design aesthetics, opting to keep its back cover and batteries removable, a rarity in today's smartphone market.

Need for (Charging) Speed

Another clear indicator that battery life is overtaking performance for consumers is the increasing emphasis on charging speed.

Picking up on this, LG Innotek, a global materials and components manufacturer, has announced their newly developed 15-watt transmission modules for wireless power charger.

Composed of two parts, a transmitter (charging pad) and receiver (embedded in smartphones), LG Innotek claims that its 15-watt wireless charging module can supply exactly the same amount of power as wired chargers.

Compared to current wireless chargers, which can only transmit up to 5-watt, LG's 15-watt wireless charger can charge a battery from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes. Which is three times faster that regular wireless chargers on the market today.

Image credit: LG

“The development of the 15-watt wireless charging module is a success achieved through our active response to the needs of the customers and changes in the market.” said Gil-Sang Park, head of the company’s Automotive Components and Electronics laboratory.

Because it follows the standards of international organizations on wireless power chargers, LG Innotek's wireless charging module is compatible with most smartphones and other electronic devices that support wireless charging.

LG Innotek says it plans to start mass production of its wireless charging module within this year.

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