Humans, as a species, love cats, so much so that we're willing to spend thousands trying to bring back a lost furry friend. Fortunately, if you want to know more about your favorite laser chaser, and get a sense of their future health needs, Basepaws can help. And you can test your kitty for just $129.99, 12% off the MSRP.

How It Works

Testing your cat's DNA is as simple as testing your own. Use a cheek swab provided in the kit for five seconds and then mail it back to the Basepaws team. The swab picks up cells from inside the cheek that can be sequenced, giving a full view of your cat's unique genome.

After the full process is done, and the proper analysis conducted, you get back a detailed report which includes:

Breed composition: This looks at 21 breed types across four breed regions, giving you a little insight into the history of your furry sidekick and their ancestors. While this won't confirm a pedigree, it'll be a fun look at where your cat comes from, especially if they're a rescue.

Chromosome map: This colorful chart breaks out exactly where your cat's genetics came from, useful both for understanding the results and as a teaching tool for families wanting a fun STEAM lesson.

Health-related genetic markers: Basepaws looks for 39 different genetic markets tied to 17 common feline diseases. While genetics are not destiny, you can use this information when making health decisions, and possibly steer your cat away from health problems later in life.

Wild Cat Index: Just for fun, you can see how closely related your cat is to larger wild cats.

If you're curious about your cat's history, or wondering how best to keep them healthy, at $129.99, 12% off, Basepaws will give you the data you need.

Prices subject to change.

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