With more people stuck at home than at any other time in living memory, adult entertainment is booming. But the way in which people consume adult content is drastically changing. That's because virtual reality sex is moving from the realm of science fiction to the realm of science fact. And thanks to the people at KIIROO, the creators of the KIIROO Titan VR sex toy, realistic, immersive VR sex is an affordable option for almost anyone.

The KIIROO Titan makes the old ways of enjoying adult videos look like something out of prehistoric times. With the Titan VR helmet used in conjunction with the Titan stroker and thousands of different video options,  you can experience levels of realism that were previously unimaginable. 

The Titan VR Sex Toy Experience: Everything You Need


The Titan’s stroker features nine vibrating motors located inside the device’s real-feel sleeve. These strategically placed vibrating bullets make the Titan feel better than any other comparable device, and its touch-sensitive pads offer incredible sensitivity and responsiveness to the user. And the Titan can also sync up with other Titan devices, too. This means a partner can control your device from thousands of miles away, but it will feel like they’re right in the room with you, or even closer. 

If this is your first VR sex toy, Titan offers an all-inclusive bundle that gives you everything you need to get started. And the KIIROO Titan VR Experience is available now for the very special price of $165. That gets you the Titan stroker itself, the virtual reality goggles, and a bottle of KIIROO Aqua Premium Water-Based Intimate Lubricant, and a bottle of KIIROO Pure Premium Toy Cleaner.

The Titan VR Experience ships freely and discreetly, and everything that comes in the box adds up to a complete and ideal VR sex toy experience. And with thousands upon thousands of interactive porn videos already out there, and more being made all the time, you’re not likely to run out of content to enjoy with the Titan any time soon. Of course, the Titan can be used with or without the virtual reality goggles, or without any videos at all -- just in case you feel the need to give your eyes a break.

Sheltering in place isn’t going to last forever, but if you intend to continue enjoying the cutting edge of virtual reality sex, the Titan VR Experience is a no-brainer, especially at that special $165 price. So, to take the first step towards the exciting world of VR sex, head over to KIIROO and grab your own Titan VR Experience now.

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