While Japan has previously had a number of mishaps in relation to drones, it certainly hasn't stopped the nation from developing and testing drone technology.

Not to be outclassed by tech giants like Amazon, Japanese e-commerce and Internet company Rakuten has also started testing the use of drones for deliveries to its customers. But unlike others, it decided to start small.

To that end, Rakuten has initiated a drone delivery service based on a golf course. In a specific course in Japan's Chiba prefecture, players can whip out their phones and order new balls or refreshments. But instead of human service, it will be drones that will bring their orders.

The Mini Surveyor Credit: ACSL

A Mini Surveyor drone, developed by the Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory, will come from a base station and fly the order to the customer.

Rakutan is looking to expand the operations of its drone services, from other golf course, then ultimately to people's homes

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