Bitcoin started as an unusual experiment, and since then, it's grown, in boom and bust, to the point where you can buy a Tesla with Bitcoin. Getting started, though, has become complex. Fortunately, for as little as $10, you can get all the tools you need to invest, and support a great cause while doing it.

What You Get

Included in the bundle is:

  • $8,000 worth of Bitcoin in Coinbase, one of the top digital currency exchanges.
  • $2,000 worth of Etherium in Coinbase.
  • A Ledger Nano X Hardware Wallet, which uses hardware and software protections to keep your cryptocurrency safe, normally $119.
  • And three bundles of educational courses on cryptocurrency, totaling 22 courses across 89 hours.
    • The Complete Stock & Cryptocurrency Investment Toolkit Bundle (MSRP: $1,815)
    • The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Mastery Bundle (MSRP: $99)
    • The Complete Cryptocurrency Investment Bundle (MSRP: $479)

How To Win

Winning is simple; just buy a block of entries, where the more you buy, the more entries you get, with a discount the more you give:

You can kick in for as many entries as you want, at any value that you want. And the money goes to an important cause.

What It Supports

Music education helps kids learn new skills and explore their culture. The Playing For Change Foundation works to ensure that everyone has access to the music of their culture, by giving local educators the resources they need to teach kids their musical traditions. Their goal is to create music education that's sustainable and grounded in the cultural fabric.

Since its founding in 2007, Playing for Change has touched more than 40,000 lives around the world, and currently operates 15 music programs in 11 countries around the world. You can learn more about Playing for Change on their About page.

Restrictions: You must be at least 18 years old to win. Winners must not be residents of Belgium, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Italy, North Korea, Singapore, Sudan, Syria, or Thailand. Prices subject to change.

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