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TED Talks are pretty spectacular. They bring together the best and the brightest from fields ranging from psychology and biology to physics and cosmology, and they give these experts a space to communicate their knowledge to the public. In one series, you may see a talk on the importance of incorporating dance into the sciences. In the next series, you might see a video on how public schools kill creativity. But regardless of whether you are watching a factual video about the sciences or an opinion-based discussion on pertinent social issues, TED Talks are guaranteed to make you laugh, to teach you new ways of seeing and understanding, to make you question your assumptions—In short, they make you stop and see the world around you anew.

Mary Roach, author of Bonk, gave (what is perhaps) the most popular lecture in the TED Talks series. She presented 10 offbeat facts about orgasms — found in obscure scientific research — from climaxing after death, to pig pleasure.

The points are:

  1. A fetus can masturbate in utero.
  2. You don't need genitals.
  3. You can have them [orgasms] when you're a brain-dead cadaver.
  4. They can cause bad breath (for a number of reasons...).
  5. They can cure hiccups.
  6. Doctors once prescribed them for fertility.
  7. Pig farmers still do.
  8. Animals orgasm more than we think they do [and longer, a pig orgasm can last 30 minutes!].
  9. There was an instrument developed in lab studies — a camera attached to a phallus — to study what happens inside a woman's vagina when she climaxes.
  10. Kinsey conducted, for lack of a better term, a jerk-off in which he lined men up next to each other and had them ejaculate in order to study how far semen can shoot.

However, few things can compare with actually watching Roach's talk. So take a moment out of your day to get some (terribly fascinating and somewhat gross) scientific facts about orgasms. Fair warning, (in case it isn't obvious already) the video contains a conversation that some may consider "adult content."

WATCH: 10 Facts About Orgasms

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