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If you didn't already know, octopuses are, simply put, very incredible, highly-intuitive creatures. From their keen ability to mimic other creatures; to their ever-growing, indisputable displays of intelligence, octopuses are the kind of the underdogs when it comes to the "most likely creature to take over the world" contest. (Plus... Not that anyone has tested out this theory - to the best of my knowledge, anyway - but they could probably kick your ass in an arm-wrestling match)

Some Fun Facts: 

Over the last several years, more and more research seems to indicate that not only are Octipi highly-intelligent, but they might also be the most intelligent species of all the invertebrates.

- Many subspecies are naturals at the art of camouflaging, to protect themselves from predators. This skill is made possible thanks to its extensive network of  chromatophores (i.e. pigment cells). Octopuses are completely covered by them and they allow the creatures to perfectly mimic its environment, including pretty much every facet of its surroundings (like colors, textures and patterns).

- Octipuses seem to have natural character inclinations about  certain humans. They even seem to favor some people over others. Two interesting examples of this - Athena and Truman - both inhabited an aquarium in New England at some point. While in captivity, the female octipi developed a bond (more like a friendship) with a man wh0 regularly interviewed the scientists that studied Athena. 

When he first met her, he wrote:

He also tells the story of another octopus. named Truman, who seemed to harbor negative feelings about an intern:

- Moreover, their muscular system is somewhat atypical compared to that of other water-dwelling species. Their system helps them navigate the waters by funneling water from their mantle cavity, giving them  the ability to propel forward at incredible speeds (usually about 20 mph)

- Unlike humans, the majority of their neurons aren't centralized in their brain. Rather, the majority are found in their arms. It has been said that each arm has a mind of its own (an assertion that stands up when their appendages are removed)

Above all else; The Octopus is most revered for its keen ability to solve problems. You can see this skill in action below, but first, I must warn you that what you are about to witness will shake you (or at the least those of you who have ever struggled to open a jar - i.e. everyone) to your very core.


That's right... not only can octipi open a jar with ease, but it can open a jar from THE INSIDE. Soon enough, they'll be sprouting lungs and breathing above-ground air. When that day comes, godspeed, fellow humans.

These incredible stills came from this equally awesome youtube video:

We were unable to determine who compiled the GIFS, but the most likely source is zerostatereflex on tumblr. Please let us know if you are the original author.

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