New Record

The London Hydrogen Network Expansion project [LHNE] just broke two world records, thanks to their Hyundai fuel cell electric vehicle.

The Hyundai ix35 FCEV set a new record for longest-ever continuous journey in a hydrogen car after it drove more than 9,656 kilometers (6,000 miles) in just six days. The car also broke the world record for longest distance travelled on a single tank of hydrogen—it hit the 644-kilometer mark (400-miles) without running out of fuel.

The record-breaking demonstration was part of Hydrogen Week, where a team of drivers completed 50 laps around the M25 motorway outside London. They also travelled to four of the UK's hydrogen refueling stations during the event.

Viability and Usability

Photo credit: LHNE

Diana Raine, European Business Manager for Hydrogen Energy Systems at Air Products, the firm which has led the LHNE project, said the record-breaking performance demonstrates the "viability and usability" of FCEVs.

"What we need now for accelerated adoption of hydrogen vehicles is for the government to work with our industry to provide the right framework for the technology to become truly accepted by the public."

The LHNE project is co-funded by Innovate UK. It's aim is to create the UK's first hydrogen-powered transportation system across London and the South East. Soon, hydrogen fueling centers and alternate types of hydrogen public transit may be commonplace in the UK.

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