If you live in the Northern hemisphere, chances are, predicting the weather is absurdly easy right now. Since it is the middle of winter, you are likely getting snow, snow, and just for a change of pace, water that has turned in to snow. But spring and summer will roll around again, and if you are wondering if it is a good day for a picnic, or maybe if you'd be better off just staying in doors, here is a handy guide to help you predict the weather without using any technology.

Of course, no prediction is full-proof. Weather patterns can often change very rapidly; however, the below information is a good guidepost. And while some of the information is a tad obvious, a lot of it is actually rather surprising.

For some of these, you have to use a bit of common sense. Animals are more likely to react to changes in barometric (air) and hydrostatic (water) pressure, but not all animals do (even if they sense a change, their behavior might not alter). So you will have to know your pets behavior (like for a cat cleaning their ears one).

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