Roaming Robot

When we saw that Agility Robotics had released a new video of its impressive bipedal bot Digit, we were stoked.

Then we watched the clip.

Maybe we've just gotten spoiled by videos of robots doing backflips, navigating parkour courses, and twerking their robo-tails off, but it's hard to feel anything but, well, kinda bored watching the new demo — Digit literally just strolls around the woods for two-and-a-half minutes while a lullaby of an instrumental track plays in the background.

We Kid Because We Love

Sure, Digit will do a lot of walking in its new job delivering packages from Ford's self-driving cars. And yeah, the clip does prove Agility Robotics' bot can handle a wide variety of terrain. Plus we really do love its weird spiky hands, so ultimately, the video seemed worth sharing — but we saw an opportunity to have a little fun at Digit's expense in the process.

To that end, the Futurism editorial team came up with these headlines we think just might be more entertaining than the video itself:

• Watch a Robot Automate Hiking so You Don't Have to

• Delivery Robot's Rare Day off Ruined by Nagging Paparazzi

• This "Lord of the Rings" Reboot Looks Terrible

• Walking Robot Seems Exhausted by Idea of Walking Robots

• New Robot Hikes, Eats Just the M&Ms out of Trail Mix

• We Followed This Robot in the Woods. What Happened Next Will Lull You to Sleep.

• See What Happens When a Dog Walker Robot Forgets Dog at Home

• Robot Shirks Convention, Leaves Behind Perils of Urban Society to Embrace Nature

• Check This Out: Headless Robot Searches Woods for HOURS for Human Brain He Stole, Lost During Nature Hike

• Cool Robots Can Jump, Run, and Backflip. This One Walks Really Well.

• Watch: Robot Handles Varied Terrain Better Than Most NYC Residents

• Robots Are Stealing Tranquil Walks in Nature

• Famous Robot Actor Tapped for Newest "Blair Witch Project" Sequel

• Robot's Tranquil Forest Walk Disrupted by Rude Camera Crew

• Bipedal Robot Goes for a Walk. Nothing Happens.

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