It leaps over logs and scales wooden platforms.

Running With Style

They grow up so fast.

Seems like just yesterday we were marveling at the ability of Boston Dynamics's Atlas robot to walk on rough terrain. Then our jaws dropped as we watched the humanoid bot execute flawless backflips.

And now Boston Dynamics has upped the ante again, by showing off Atlas's ability to parkour its way across a makeshift obstacle course.

Jump, Jump

In a short video released on Thursday, Atlas leaps over a log before scaling a tri-level platform. Not exactly enough to qualify for the World Parkour Championships, but definitely more than most bots (and more than a few humans) could accomplish on two legs.

See Atlas parkour across the course in the clip below, and start taking bets now on the next skill Boston Dynamics's bot will show off. Our money's on slacklining, because why the heck not?

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