If you feel like life is more overwhelming than ever, know that you're not alone. On average, during the pandemic, about 4 in 10 Americans have reported symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder, up from 1 in 10 adults who reported symptoms like these in 2019. However, studies have found introducing a mindfulness and meditation practice has the potential to be a low-cost, beneficial way to manage anxiety and complement other treatments. That said, for people already suffering from stress an anxiety, finding time to practice mediation can be extremely challenging. But that's all about to change thanks to the Core Personal Meditation Trainer, a simple device that's bringing guided meditation to the masses.

What's Core Personal Meditation Trainer?

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Core Personal Meditation Trainer uses dynamic vibrations and feedback to help you relax, focus, and stay consistent. Core uses active vibrations and lighting during specific breathing exercises to gently indicate when you need to inhale, hold your breath, or exhale. When it comes to meditation, wondering if you’re doing it right shouldn’t be part of your practice. Core is designed to support anyone interested in developing a consistent meditation habit. To accomplish this, Core’s vibrations are designed to center your attention during meditation. The biosensors give you feedback to see your body’s physical response, including your heart rate variability, a leading indicator of wellness.

How It Works?

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Your Core Personal Meditation Trainer is designed to simply and easily fine tune your meditation so you can deepen your practice. How it works is simple. It all starts by pairing your Meditation Trainer with the Core app on your Apple or Android mobile device via Bluetooth. The app recommends sessions to match your interests, and Core’s expert instructors add new meditations daily. Launch the app, hold the Trainer in your hands, and start your meditation journey. Core Personal Meditation Trainer's  soft vibrations and lights guide your breathing and help you focus, while biosensors measure your heart rate. After each meditation, Core displays feedback so you can see how you compared to your personalized baseline, and view your progress over time.

How Is Core Different From Other Guided Meditation Apps?

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Core is a guided meditation trainer that you hold in your hands to help yourself deepen your meditation practice. Placing your thumbs on Core begins the process, and vibrations guide your breathing while also providing a soothing backdrop to your session. This sensory experience of coordinated audio, vibration, and lighting helps you get into the zone and meditate more deeply. Core’s sensors monitor your heart rate and heart rate variability as you hold it. After each session, you’ll see how ‘calm’ and ‘focused’ you were during the meditation, and how you compared to your usual baselines. These kinds of analytics provide you with the feedback necessary to intensify and streamline your meditation practice.

With the Essential Plan, you receive the Core Personal Meditation Trainer and can choose from Core's library of free meditations, all of which sync with Core's guiding vibrations and lighting. However, those who opt for Core Premium get everything included with the Essential Plan, including one year of Core Premium subscription services. With it you'll get unlimited access to the entire library of guided meditation sessions, including instructor-led Core Studio classes, breath training, and soundscapes with new sessions updated daily. Plus, new classes are published almost daily on a variety of topics designed to help improve your life.

The team at Core believes in their product so much, they offer a 21-day trial, so you can experience Core with no risk. So what do you have to lose? Click here now to develop a guided meditation practice that you not only enjoy, but look forward to, with the Core Personal Meditation Trainer.

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