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Achieve Mindfulness With A Lifetime Subscription To Mindabout

This mindfulness app makes it easy to practice meditation, no matter where you are, and crafts personalized mindfulness to keep you centered.

7. 27. 21 by Futurism Creative
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Meditation and mindfulness are useful ways to step back from your problems, get a handle on your anxiety, and even reshape how you think. Yet for those with a packed day, it can be intimidating to find a few minutes to even start. Mindabout was designed to help you surmount those obstacles. It typically lists for $399, and is on sale now for 90% off at just $39.99.

Mindfulness In Your Pocket

Mindabout is sorted into collections to help you focus on specific goals. Collections are themed around sleep, work, sexuality, handling disappointment, and other themes to make the right session easy to find.

Each session within a collection is concise and designed to be fit into your day, making it easy to step away mentally and unplug. All you need is a quiet space, whether that’s one you create with your headphones or a room away from life’s hubbub for a few moments, and a few minutes. You can also tailor your sessions to your taste, with both male and female narrators.

If you’re curious, you can also track how long you’ve practiced, how regularly you practice, and how many sessions in a collection you’ve completed. There are more than 100 sessions in the ever-growing library.


What You Need When Needed

Mindabout is also designed to be deployed in stressful situations, with tools like Breathe. Breathe helps guide you through a calming series without needing headphones or audio, making it easy to use in stressful situations like emergency meetings or simply those moments when you feel overwhelmed.

You can even begin building a visual oasis with ONE, a tool that helps you gather images that are important to you or that soothe you, and remind you of what’s important. You can keep it private, or begin building a shared community within the app to broaden your perspective on life.

Mindabout is the subject of rave reviews, including this one from Kathy who wrote, ”I love it! I love the Happiness Collection and the reference to the roundabout mind, which we all have!” Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to grab a lifetime subscription to Mindabout for $39.99 (reg. $399). 

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